See us live

We’re currently lying low as we finish some new recordings, although there’s a very good chance you’ll see Carrie at a few open mics in the meantime. We’ll be back on stage soon.


16 February 2020: Jimmy’s, Glasgow
Two-thirds of us played acoustic for our friend Sister Petra’s Sunday school.

11 February 2020: The Bungalow, Paisley
Or: the one where the expensive guitar pedals blew up just before we played. It takes more than that to stop us.

24 January 2020: St John’s Church, Glasgow
Our very first electric gig. We’d always wanted to play in a church so this was a particular treat.

8 January 2020: McChuills, High Street, Glasgow
We love McChuills. You’ll often find Carrie trying out new stuff at their open mic night.