See us live

Like many bands, we’ve seen all our favourite venues close their doors until the Coronavirus threat recedes and we’ve had to shelve our planned performances for the next couple of months. We’re hoping to do some online things soon but normal gigs are a no-no: we don’t want to risk anybody’s health by asking them to come and see us live right now. We hope you’re safe and well and we want you to stay that way. We’ll see you as soon as we can.


16 February 2020: Jimmy’s, Glasgow
Two-thirds of us played acoustic for our friend Sister Petra’s Sunday school.

11 February 2020: The Bungalow, Paisley
Or: the one where the expensive guitar pedals blew up just before we played. It takes more than that to stop us.

24 January 2020: St John’s Church, Glasgow
Our very first electric gig. We’d always wanted to play in a church so this was a particular treat.

8 January 2020: McChuills, High Street, Glasgow
We love McChuills. You’ll often find Carrie trying out new stuff at their open mic night.